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Biennale Art nouveau Art déco 2013

When the doors of private homes in Brussels open to the public!

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Every two years since 2001, Brussels can boast to have hosted a unique series of events. The events’ partners include owners, heritage enthusiasts and inhabitants and managers of iconic Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings, who share in promoting and sharing the heritage of Brussels and making it accessible to all with Voir et Dire Bruxelles.

The Biennial Event has become a unique opportunity to see inside homes over a weekend that are lived in and cherished by their occupants, and whose history is shared with the public by professional guides.

Brussels is one of the cities where Art Nouveau architecture was most enthusiastically received. Its streets are full of buildings where late-nineteenth-century building techniques were developed in a quest for innovation, be it in their layout, the audacious use of new materials, the new passion for allowing daylight into the interiors or a refined aesthetic. The industrial revolution, then at its height, offered new building materials such as glass and iron, which allowed the architects to design more open interior spaces.

The 7th Art Nouveau and Art Deco Biennial Event will be held in October 2013. Over 4 weekends, Voir et Dire Bruxelles will organise guided tours of interiors and other guided tours which will show off the richness and diversity of these styles in Brussels between 1893 and 1939.

Each weekend will concentrate on a different district, where around a dozen interiors will be open to the public to visit in guided tours by guides provided by Voir et Dire Bruxelles. The guided tours will be in French, Dutch, English and, in some cases, German.

Other guided tours on foot, by bike or by coach will reveal to participants the many facets of Art Nouveau and Art Deco throughout the Brussels-Capital Region.

New features of the 2013 Biennial Event include, on Sunday 6 October, the first Art Nouveau and Art Deco antiques fair, organised with Interbellum and held in an Art Nouveau school designed by Henri Jacobs. The fair will include demonstrations by artisans and sessions where antiques experts will answer questions from members of the public.

The 2013 Biennial Event will also put special emphasis on the buildings of architect Henry van de Velde, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth. One of the leading lights of Art Nouveau, alongside Victor Horta and Paul Hankar, Henry van de Velde had a huge influence on the Modernist movement and twentieth-century design.

If you are a heritage lover, a lifelong inhabitant of Brussels or a weekend visitor, we invite you to a 2013 Biennial Event that will be full of wonderful discoveries!


Programme :

5 and 6 October 2013 Schaerbeek, Woluwe and the Squares

12 and 13 October 2013 The Ixelles ponds

19 and 20 october 2013 Central and west Brussels

26 and 27 october 2013 Uccle, Forest, Saint-Gilles and the Avenue Louise


Passport prices (supplements not included) :

20 € for 1 week-end
55 € for all 4 week-ends


Reservations :

Via our dedicated website or at the BIP from September 2013 onwards.


More information :

Voir et Dire Bruxelles (Arau – – Bus Bavard – Pro Velo)
2-4 rue Royale — 1000 Bruxelles



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© Christian Aschman – © SABAM 2013